Today’s automotive industry is driven by constant innovation in technology and a ceaseless quest for greater fuel efficiency and performance. Progress, however, is also regulated by strict standards governing not just the design and production of new vehicles but their development, maintenance and testing too.

Garage equipment manufacturers in particular need gearboxes capable of delivering high levels of reliability and strength in order to minimize the risk of their products malfunctioning during use.


Thanks to a genuine commitment to constant improvement and technical innovation, Varvel brand gearboxes are finding more and more applications in the areas of vehicle washing and lifting and tyre removal and fitting.
Varvel is the ideal partner for garage equipment manufacturers and can supply solutions guaranteed to satisfy the needs of equipment users. A wide range of easy to customize products has allowed Varvel to consolidate its position on the market and enjoy stable, long term growth.


Thanks to a worldwide distribution and sales network, Varvel serves the needs of the world’s top garage equipment manufacturers wherever they are based.




• Vehicle washing
• Tyre removal and fitting
• Tyre remoulding
• Vehicle lifting
• Vehicle testing


Building management

• Air filtering





Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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