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Bevel helical gearboxes and gearmotors

Bevel helical gearboxes and gearmotors are essential components for a multitude of very diverse industrial applications and one of the most popular solutions whenever high torque capacity and quiet operation are required.


The housing can be made of aluminum or cast iron whilst the gears are always case-hardened, tempered, and ground tooth profile with lifetime or long-life lubrication to reduce machine downtime and the risk of malfunctions.


Gearmotors typically consist of bevel helical gearboxes and IEC or Nema AC motors but configurations with servomotors are on the rise.


High power and remarkable, proven reliability, especially in heavy-duty applications, make bevel helical gearboxes and gearmotors highly appreciated in the most diverse sectors, with particular attention to intralogistics, packaging and conveyor belts.


Over time, the variety of the typical needs of the industrial sector has led to the development of bevel helical gearboxes and gearmotors characterized by a very high degree of modularity to meet the most diverse requirements.


This versatility makes bevel helical gearboxes and gearmotors elements that can be configured and calibrated to meet the most specific application needs.






VARVEL is the international benchmark in the design and production of bevel helical gearboxes and gearmotors strong of a wide array of solutions that meet the most diverse application needs.


The VARVEL transmission systems are designed to meet all the peculiarities of the small and medium power industry.


The Varvel bevel helical gearboxes include:

-RO series: Three-stage right-angle gearboxes that stand out for their high efficiency and modular kit structure for very quick and easy assembly. Six sizes are available, for a maximum power output of 40.3 kW / 54.0 HP and a maximum torque output of 3360 Nm / 29740 in-lb.


-RO2 Series: Two-stage right-angle gearboxes characterized by high efficiency and a one-piece housing that ensures high torsional rigidity, resistance to stress, and low backlash. Four sizes are available, for a maximum power of 12 kW / 16 HP and a maximum output torque of 550 Nm / 4870 in-lb.


-RV Series: Three-stage vertical right-angle gearboxes that, like the RO series, are famed for their high efficiency and modular kit structure, for quick and efficient assembly. They have six different sizes with a maximum power output of 40.3 kW / 54.0 HP and a maximum torque output equivalent to 3360 Nm / 29740 in-lb.


Like all products, VARVEL has chosen to focus on the fundamental concept of modularity and this has led to the creation of gearmotors and speed reducers for fixed applications of small and medium power in kits that can be assembled in a few minutes by all users.