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A flange for every motor

An excellent range of products, quick deliveries and over sixty years of experience make Varvel Group the preferred supplier to automatic and packaging machine manufacturers.


Thanks to the ability to serve a global market in which it has been a leading player for over sixty years, the Varvel Group today is a preferred partner to automatic and packaging machinery producers.


Varvel has achieved this position thanks to a range of gearboxes rated for up to 3400 Nm of transmissible torque and 22 kW of installable power. This range permits thousands of possible configurations and can also be used with an extensive series of flanges covering most common types of electric motor and servomotor. Varvel can even supply complete solutions with components ready for installation in the user machine.


Varvel was able to develop square flanges to boost customer competitiveness and work around the lack of standardization in stepper and brushless motors thanks to the highly modular design of its products.


Perfectly interchangeable and compatible with all popular Varvel gearbox series, these flanges permit the configuration and delivery of fully customized gearmotors in amazingly short lead times.