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An independent survey has revealed an extremely positive climate within the company

Data gathered by Ethicjobs, a company that specializes in certifying the quality of work, demonstrates that identifying strengths and criticalities in climate can help businesses to improve and grow.


A healthy, virtuous company cannot be identified from turnover alone. The teamwork, happiness and sense of belonging of its employees are particularly important. The Varvel Group understands this extremely well. A socially responsible company Varvel recently decided to improve and strengthen its company climate as a means to achieving excellence. Varvel, asked Ethicjobs to organize a survey to measure the level of satisfaction among its employees, in the belief that reward-based policies form the basis for a positive and constructive company life.


The survey was carried out using an anonymous questionnaire drawn up for the purpose. All employees were involved and scores for five macro-areas were analyzed and measured: climate and relationships, pay and benefits, work-life balance, safety and suitability of spaces and tools, and personal considerations.


Overall, the assessment was positive and confirms the commitment and attention of the company’s owners with regard to human resources. The Ethicjobs survey, however, is not an end in itself, just a starting point for continuous work aimed at ensuring a stimulating and rewarding environment and a happy, talented workforce.