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High temperature lubricants for silky-smooth functioning

Lubricant allows the correct functioning of the gearbox: we choose the most suitable one for each temperature.


We are well aware that oil plays a key role in any gearbox and is essential to ensuring smooth functioning.


Gearboxes function well with standard lubricants only between -20°C and +40°C, but operating environments are often hotter than this. Our products serve a wide range of applications and are sold all over the world. They have to work in equatorial and desert regions and in high temperature environments like steel works and foundries. They may also be installed inside protective guards, as in the case of automated warehouses and certain types of conveyor. Under such conditions, the temperature around the gearbox can easily exceed 40°C, partly as a result of the heat generated by the application itself. Standard lubricants are no longer suitable in such cases and we offer our customers gearboxes filled with lubricants specially formulated for high temperatures and with a suitable viscosity for use in such environments in order to guarantee the same performance offered by standard lubricants at temperatures below 40°C.