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Renewable energy for Varvel

Today, environmental sustainability is more of a duty for companies than ever before. We have known this for years in the Varvel Group, and confirm it for 2020.


This year too, we have chosen to use certified energy from renewable sources to cover 100% of our production requirements. By purchasing Guarantees of Origin (as defined by Directive 2009/28/EC), European tracking instruments which guarantee that energy used in manufacturing activities comes from 100% renewable sources, we can certify our energy supply for the year 2020. By using only clean energy, the Varvel Group is significantly reducing the CO2 normally emitted by mechanical engineering activities. Our confirmation of our purchase of Guarantees of Origin is just one of the major initiatives we are taking to help combat climate change. Varvel began leading the shift towards more sustainable energy models at the start of the millennium by adopting an “Environmental Management System” certified to EN ISO 14001.