High modularity: greater benefits fot the distribution network

Varvel’s highly modular design cut costs and delivery times while overcoming the challenges of globalization.

The importance of a distribution network able to offer a just-in-time service and the need to keep customers in all parts of the world constantly supplied while minimizing stock in distributors’ warehouses were the two elements that encouraged Varvel to develop the concept of modularity that allow the configuration of end products in just a few simple steps using kits.

The main beneficiary of such high modularity is Varvel’s distribution network of over 100 partners around the world, that have led to a dramatic reduction in stock and lower costs while permitting an excellent level of service and the competitiveness worldwide, with excellent results also in the USA, where Varvel has opened a subsidiary in 2017.

With digital solutions becoming more important every day, Varvel has introduced VARsize to support its “mechanical modularity”. VARsize software allows users   to select exactly the right size for their needs and even provides 3D models instantly. All Varvel products can now be configured and assembled quickly and easily anywhere in the world.