Promoting the value of resources in training

The Varvel Group has won the award presented by “La Repubblica degli Stagisti” for the excellent conditions offered to young people entering the labour market through a work placement at the company.

The AwaRDS of the “La Repubblica degli Stagisti” on-line magazine were presented in a ceremony held on 20 June. The AwaRDS are presented annually to Italian companies who, over the previous 12 months, have offered valuable opportunities for professional development to young people. The Varvel Group was presented with the ”AwaRDS for the Best Expense Reimbursement Scheme” for its generous policy of offering free meals in the company canteen to all interns, plus a fixed contribution of 1,200 € a month for interns with a masters degree, 1,000 € for graduates, 800 € for diploma holders and even 400 € for high school students.