The potential of digital through Dadistel

An innovative automation system for the production control strengthens Varvel’s position in an increasingly demanding market

An integrated monitoring of production flows and a general improvement in terms of performance: these are the goals that the Varvel Group has assigned to Dadistel, a digital solution that, from a 4.0 perspective, intends to provide the Emilia-based company with a greater capacity to respond to the requests of an increasingly competitive market.  

Dadistel is an advanced tool. It allows a proper analysis of production and processes trends and an effective control of timings which includes information related to preparation, retooling, machining, downtime/pauses, production resumption and changeover.

Thanks to its properties, this technology will positively affect the entire supply chain by producing a significant improvement in the overall activities.

In order to strengthen, therefore, Dadistel offers the necessary integration for a group like Varvel, that is becoming an increasingly international and global player.