A great transformation is underway

To support its development and internationalization, Varvel has reinforced its structure through new premises and innovative tools .

Varvel SpA, the Italian engineering company specializing in the design and manufacture of speed reducers, currently supplying products to over 60 countries, is further targeting the world market with its decision this year to enlarge its business premises, but that is not all! In response to the rising international demand and its expanding catchment area, the company has chosen to undertake a reorganization of internal logistics operations through an increase in production, operational and management surface areas, in addition to the activation of a high potential assembly line, capable of ensuring the optimization of operation times and space, as well as higher speeds.

The new semi-automatic assembly line for aluminum reducers and gears for series RD (sizes 1-4), RN (sizes 1-3), RO (sizes 1-3), RV (sizes 1-3), RO2 (sizes 0-3) has been fully operational since the end of March. The total investment amounted to around half a million Euros which included an interface with the SAP management system. Compared to the previous system, the single-shift capacity has doubled and on a double shift it has quadrupled. In addition to finished products the new line is also capable of assembling kits, proving to be extremely flexible in responding to the different production flows dictated by the requests of the international market.

Another important investment is the new Toyoda work center, in operation since May, which was allocated an investment of around €700,000 dedicated to the production of aluminum castings in the Mechanical Machining Department. It was created according to “lean” logic to reduce set up times, minimizing the movement of machine tooling from the processing of different parts thereby reducing not only operation times but also production batches, considerably increasing flexibility and enabling the reduction of stock held with subsequent important gains in terms of space.

Not only technology and production, but also new areas. The surface area over which the company extends has been increased by the expansion of the plant with the transformation of a 900 SQM covered area adjacent to the main plant into ​​a 720 SQM area used for packaging and as a warehouse for finished goods, including those available in the catalogues and those assembled to customer order which are awaiting delivery. This development is part of the plan to reorganize the entire assembly and warehouse area and should be complete by the end of 2016.


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