A new product for new markets

A return to Hannover Messe to promote innovation, with the launch of the new FRP680 gearbox for the poultry industry.

After a pause of two years, Varvel, the group from the Emilia region of Italy with over sixty years of experience in the design, production and sale of gearboxes, will be back at Hannover Messe, the world’s top international exhibition for industrial automation from 24 to 28 April.

Varvel has a presence in over sixty countries around the world, and a strategic commitment to further internationalization. At this year’s Hannover Messe, Varvel will be presenting the new FRP680 gearbox, developed for use in the farming industry and especially for the international poultry sector.

The poultry sector is one of Varvel’s most important and dynamic customers and accounts for over 60,000 pieces a years.

Coupled to a suitable motor, the new FRP680 gearbox is designed to drive the supply systems and screw conveyors that deliver animal feed. Years of experience in this sector have allowed Varvel to develop a gearbox capable of satisfying the key needs of today’s market: competitive price, versatility and customization. The FRP680 gearbox will be available in three different versions: an integrated version with a 160 mm input flange and a square output flange; a second integrated version with a 200 mm input flange and square output flange; a universal version for coupling to custom input and output flanges. The new gearbox is intended for use with motors 0.25 kW to 1.5 kW in power.

The decision to produce three different versions was made in response to the needs of the sector. The two integrated versions cover the market’s most common size and configuration needs and will make a major contribution to optimizing customers’ costs.

The universal version on the other hand offers maximum flexibility and customization and can be adapted to all necessary configurations, including those common in North America, whose huge poultry industry represents a new frontier with excellent growth prospects for the Varvel Group.

Modularity has always been the key guiding principle in Varvel’s development of new solutions, as it allows improvements to be introduced across the entire range of Varvel products and services.

The FRP680 boasts the same excellent characteristics as all Varvel gearboxes, and represents a major improvement in the company’s offering to the poultry industry. In developing this new gearbox, Varvel reviewed the entire product engineering process and introduced modifications to the gear meshing axes that have improved service factors by 10-15%. The FRP680 gearbox was also specially engineered to facilitate order management, making sales and after-sales services smoother and more open to customization. The supply chain for the FRP680 is 100% Italian, with all machining, gear profiling and functional testing performed within the Varvel Group itself. Components are optimized and the oil lubrication system features a universally renowned brand of top quality seals: small details but ones that help guarantee maximum efficiency and silent, leak-proof functioning.

The FRP680 gearbox is a brand new product that typifies the Varvel Group’s experience, attention to new markets, constant dynamism and commitment to supplying Italian excellence and precision engineering to the world.

The new FRP680 will be available to order in the second half of 2017.


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