A revolution is underway

Varvel SpA has hosted an important convention on its innovative experience in the realm of IT and supply chain. A case history of success in the integration of internal processes.

Varvel SpA, a Bolognese company founded over sixty years ago specializing in the production of reducers and mechanical speed variators, was the protagonist of a very special open day. In fact on the 13th of May a conference entitled “Varvel: the new industrial revolution”, organized in collaboration with Altea UP, Assi, the Mechanics Associazion and the University of Salento was held at the production facility in Crespellano. The aim of the meeting was to discuss new industrial development models on the basis of the experience of a company, such as Varvel, leader in the design of made in Italy reducers and mechanical speed variators sold worldwide.

The focus of the event highlighted the advantages deriving from the integration of internal processes, by examining Varvel’s experience, in relation to the Italian industrial scenario and the Industry 4.0 model.

It emerged from the meeting and from Varvel’s experience that modern manufacturing companies that intend to survive in this period of change need to give priority to development, inevitably redefining their business models and they need to become Industry 4.0 using “mathematics” as an innovation tool. In fact “flexible” mathematical models offer new possibilities to manage complexity, to react rapidly to market changes and to explore new scenarios.

Industry 4.0 is the new Industrial revolution that aims to create an Intelligent Manufacturing Plant where new methods and new technologies can have a significant impact in various spheres. The use of data, big data to create value from, but also connectivity, interaction between man and machine, which involve widespread use of interfaces with a focus on user friendliness and augmented reality, are all elements which cannot be ignored. Last but not least, the sector which deals with the passage from dal digital to “real” which includes robotics, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, machine-to-machine interactions, communication.

Varvel was not simply hosting the event, but it also provided a model of constant innovation, continuous development and considerable dynamism, and it describes the main objectives to achieve the key concept of integration. In particular, the Top Management illustrated the complete overview of the company processes, from the design phase to production, by means of a system which integrates all the different company departments involved. Furthermore, the integration between group ERP processes and the “Manufacturing Plant”, with an open eye towards internationalization.

Along the same lines, Varvel recounted its interest in an integrated application solution. The company started from the need for a solution which enabled a 360° management of its processes, to avoid different company departments working as “stagnant compartments” and to encourage as far as possible the exchange of information, bearing in mind the interests of clients and suppliers.

The choice fell upon SAP, the international solution for the management and organization of company processes. Together with SAP ECC, the management part, the CRM solution was also implemented for the management and strengthening of mechanisms to interact with clients and distributors and for the management of marketing activities. After that SAP PLM was implemented, the solution for the management of the product life cycle which integrates the technical office, the design and CAD drawing systems with the rest of the company. ERP SAP was identified as the response to the objectives of the Top Management in the ambit of the three year strategic plan and Varvel’s innovation and internationalization process, at a time when the company was celebration its sixtieth anniversary, demonstrating the extreme vitality of the company.

The well-established Bolognese mechanics company’s choice was rewarded in that the ICT process undertaken represented an impetus towards innovation, facilitating the dynamics not just among the companies in the Varvel Group, but also with all the partners and suppliers at an international level. In fact, the introduction of SAP has enabled an integrated approach (just one system) with all company departments and an optimization of processes. In particular, the optimization of systems has resulted in unified data, cost reduction, rationalization of waste, increased efficiency and better performance, enhanced level of service, considerable speed in responding to the market, with consequent final satisfaction.

A company which sets its sights on the future has to invest not just in premises and machinery, but also in tools to enable the company to satisfy the new needs of a clientele experiencing rapid change – states Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpA”. This opinion is also shared by Mauro Cominoli, Managing Director of Varvel SpA: “What is needed is a synergy, and a complete overview in which all the processes in the supply chain allow an immediate answer and a constant flow of information. Varvel does not stand out just for the very high level of quality and services, reflecting its absolute made in Italy, but also a careful management of resources and data, benefitting all the stakeholders”.


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