A special Christmas gift

In line with its policy of social commitment, Varvel is welcoming Unicef volunteers to its head offices for the annual sale of “Pigotte” Christmas dolls.

Varvel, the Bologna-based group specialising in the design, development, production and worldwide sale of speed variators and gearboxes, is a socially responsible enterprise and has been supporting ANT, Unicef and Médecins Sans Frontières continuously since 2004. The company donates 2 euro cents per product sold to each of these charities.

The company’s commitment to charity does not stop here, however, as Varvel also supports and participates in various fundraising activities.

As in previous years, on Wednesday 14 December Varvel will be welcoming Unicef volunteers to its head offices to sell Pigotte, the cloth dolls hand-made by inmates of Bologna prison, to the company’s employees. Proceeds from the sale will go to important projects that Unicef runs to help underprivileged and needy children in various countries around the world.

2016 is a particularly significant year for Unicef, as the charity is celebrating its seventieth anniversary. The annual sale of Pigotte cloth dolls has also been held for the last 18 years.

In addition to fundraising for charity, the sale of Pigotte is important because it unites Unicef’s volunteers, the prisoners who make the dolls, the people who buy them and children all over the world in a virtuous circle of solidarity and commitment to social action.

As Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli, the Varvel Group’s President and General Manager explain, “We are delighted to welcome the Unicef volunteers back again for this event, as we are well aware of the important work the charity does around the world. We know perfectly well that much needs to be done in parallel with our work to help people experiencing real difficulty and to give them some hope of a better future. We are proud to see that everybody in our team supports these initiatives and shares the commitment we have had since 2004 to helping not only Unicef, but ANT and Médecins Sans Frontières as a socially responsible company.”



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