Energia verde in movimento

Varvel SpA, a socially responsible company in Bologna, provides its own energy from renewable sources through European guarantee certificates.

Varvel SpA, a socially responsible company, demonstrates a vigourous attention to the use of energy sources and respect for the environment.

Through the purchase of Guarantees of Origin – GO (Directive 2009/28/CE), nominal European certificates which state the 100% origin of renewable energy used in production activities, the company has certified the energy supply used in 2015.

These guarantees demostrate the input into the grid of an amount of clean energy equal to the consumption that the company asked to be certified. Each of these shares corresponds to 1MWh and the company purchases a quantity equal to the total energy needs of its production activities. Thanks to this contribution, Varvel significantly reduces its CO2 emissions into the atmosphere compared that are normally produced by manufacturing activities of mechanical companies.

The purchase of Guarantees of Origin is just one of the considerable efforts made by the company to reduce its environmental impact and to reach the objective of producing without polluting. Varvel’s eco-friendly policy began in 2000 with the introduction of the “Environmental System” certificate in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and it was further reinforced in 2010 with the installation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof of the main warehouse, which results in the production of approximately 200.000 KWh/year of clean energy, reducing polluting emmissions as well as the consumption of fossil fuels.

“As a socially responsible company – declare the President of Varvel Francesco Berselli and the Managing Director Mauro Cominoliwe decided to make a commitment to the community as a whole in energy management too. We trust that this commitment may contribute in a concrete way to convince others to respect the environment and to do everything possible to safeguard energy resources.”


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