High temperature lubricants for silky-smooth functioning

To satisfy its Italian and international customers, Varvel always supplies gearboxes and gearmotors with the most suitable lubricant for the application.

The Varvel Group, specialists in the design, production and sale of gearboxes and gearmotors for over sixty years, is confirming its role as the preferred supplier to Italian and international customers of Italian-made transmission systems in the low to medium power range.

Extensive know-how acquired in over six decades of precision engineering and constant, close contact with customers allow Varvel to recognise the specific needs of different applications and prepare products for use in the most suitable way possible.

Choosing the right lubricant is essential in order to supply customers with the best possible solution for any specific use. Oil not only lubricates the gears inside the gearbox but also ensures leak-free oil seals and dissipates the heat generated by friction between shafts and seals. Oil plays a key role in any gearbox and is essential to ensuring smooth functioning. Choosing the most suitable lubricant therefore has a significant effect on product efficiency and lifetime.

Depending on the nature of the application, Varvel often suggests that customers use a special lubricant to ensure maximum gearbox efficiency under real conditions of use. The temperature of the area in which the machine operates can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the lubricant and therefore on the overall performance of the gearbox. Gearboxes function well with standard lubricants only between -20°C and +40°C, but operating environments are often hotter than this.

Varvel gearboxes serve a wide range of applications and are sold even in the hottest regions of the world. They have to work in equatorial and desert regions and in high temperature environments like steel works and foundries. They may also be installed inside protective guards, as in the case of automated warehouses and certain types of conveyor. Under such conditions, the temperature around the gearbox can easily exceed 40°C, partly as a result of the heat generated by the application itself. Standard lubricants are no longer suitable in such cases. The gearbox must be filled instead with a lubricant specially formulated for high temperatures and with a suitable viscosity for use in such environments in order to guarantee the same performance offered by standard lubricants at temperatures below 40°C.

The gearbox would still function with the normal lubricant, of course, but its performance would be negatively affected. Use of a high temperature lubricant ensures maximum efficiency from the gearbox and the machine as a whole and also extends effectiveness and useful lifetime.

Varvel uses only leading brand synthetic oils to guarantee the reliability and performance of its gearboxes. This choice provides further confirmation of the quality of Varvel’s products and services and of the company’s ability to offer customers the most suitable and effective solution to any need.

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