Information technology for growth

The development of the information technology component continues to allow Varvel to improve its international efficiency and performance.

Varvel SpA, the Bologna-based company specializing in power transmission systems, has taken another very important step forward in its computerization process which started in January 2014 when it adopted the SAP integrated management system. This decision gave further support to the company’s internationalization process thanks to a software which can be installed practically anywhere in the world.

At the start of 2016 various new elements were added to SAP PLM with the aim of improving company performance. Among these is the feasibility study, a tool to control organizational flows in relation to requests for customization from clients which are managed as ”opportunities” in SAP CRM, a container of all documents and drawings, together with all other material relevant to each single customization. This represents an important improvement in the management of the exchange of information between the different group companies, allowing ever closer collaboration within teams thereby ensuring a consequent increase in the service level provided to clients.

Another area of innovation in progress is the “Management of Technical Modifications”, a management tool within SAP CRM to control organizational flows of modifications of existing products derived from technical improvements, the addition of new functions, and the resolution of problems derived from customer product complaint analysis. In this way we can intervene through the study of different experiences in order to reduce margins of error as far as possible and to operate in line with those quality standards which allow Varvel to stand out on the international spectrum.

Finally, in March 2016, the management of certain indicators was released in SAP BI (Business Intelligence). This is connected to the operations and logistics departments (product parts, warehouse rotation, etc.) and vendor rating (assessment of suppliers) on the basis of supplier product quality and adherence to delivery dates (level of service). This aspect is also fundamental for the control of the supply chain in order to be able to intervene appropriately on all critical issues with the aim of reducing the margin of potential errors even further.


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