Know-how to do it: Varvel’s new identity

The Varvel Group has completely redesigned its corporate image: a new graphic look and a new tagline communicate the experience and commitment to innovation of the historical Bolognese company.

The Varvel Group, specialists in the design and production of all-Italian power transmission systems, is officially launching a new corporate image complete with a new tagline.

“Know-how to do it” communicates the coming together of knowledge and know-how, theory and practice, research and application. Varvel’s new tagline has been chosen to emphasize the group’s unrivalled competence and its ability to draw on experience and exploit knowledge acquired in over 60 years of success. After all, technological evolution is about using experience and knowledge to develop advanced and qualitatively superior solutions.

In parallel with the new tagline, the various elements that make up Varvel’s corporate image have also been thoroughly updated. Green remains as the Group’s chosen colour, communicating a strong link with the previous identity and a desire not to reduce brand awareness acquired over years of hard work. The shade, however, is lighter, symbolising innovation and transparency.

The new graphic look has also been applied to Varvel’s digital world, and in particular to the group’s websites, which have been redesigned to provide a more modern user experience, not only in terms of visual design but in terms of organization too, to provide easier, more complete and more effective access to content.

Varvel’s new look demonstrates the vitality of a historic company that has never stopped looking to the future, introducing major innovations to the international precision engineering market and constantly renewing itself and its presentation.

This coordinated change in the image of the Varvel Group strengthens the identity and recognition of a brand that has always been a synonym for great reliability and premium quality in the field of power transmission.


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