Learning by doing

Varvel is among a group of companies that joined the educational project promoted by the “Ministry of Education, University and Research” with the purpose of realizing local laboratories for creating greater employment opportunities.

Varvel SpA, a historic Bologna-based company operating in the field of power transmission systems in over 60 countries across the globe, joined this important initiative promoted by MIUR, the “Ministry of Education, University and Research”, with the scope of supporting schools and companies through local laboratories in creating greater employment opportunities.

The Italian ministry put out an invitation to tender receiving more than 500 project bids of which 58 projects across Italy were confirmed, 4 of which in Bologna. Varvel is part of the network captained by the “Istituto Superiore Belluzzi-Fioravanti”, which includes 9 high schools and 35 public and private institutes in Bologna. In addition to the 750 thousand euro deriving from ministerial funds, the support from all local partners will guarantee a total investment of 2 and a half million euro in support and promotion of social employment in the Bologna area.

This regional workshop program “OF – Opus facere fare per capire” is addressed to students, teachers and citizens with the scope of developing a close relationship between academic and professional training, focusing on the most important sectors in the region.

The headquarters of this innovative training center, equipped with the latest generation equipment, will be the laboratory Opificio Golinelli, in association with other laboratories in various schools in the greater Bologna are and its surrounding province as well as a mobile laboratory designed and geared towards the primary schooling institutions.
Through a process that combines hands-on experience and theoretical training, the initiative aims to revolutionize the way we teach and transmit knowledge and skills in schools.

Varvel, a socially responsible company, has always paid close attention to the younger generation by supporting several institutions and initiatives over the many years with the scope of encouraging new highly skilled human resources in the workplace.

Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel, commented: “The future arein the hands of our youth and we must provide them with the best tools to develop projects and to give impetus to innovation. The greatest wealth of our society and companies lies in creativity and energy of its youth .”
“Training is the key for growth and improvement
– said Mauro Cominoli, General Manager of Varvelwhich is the reason why we chose to join the territorial laboratory initiative in the development of greater employment opportunities. To offer our youth new and greater possibilities to learn on a theoretical, practical and managerial skill level, means investing in the next generation of workers that will be ready to enter the market and satisfy companies looking for personnel with both specialized and transversal skills .”


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