Movement under control

With over 60 years of experience and a consolidated presence on the global market, Varvel provides Made in Italy reducers for the Agriculture, Animal rearing and Construction Sectors.

Varvel Spa, a Bolognese company specialized in power transmission systems, since it was founded in 1955, has extended its market at a global level as it carries made in Italy quality and reliability to 60 Countries all over the world.

The company’s wide range of reducers are chosen by important International producers of machinery and instruments which are used in applications in numerous contexts. Thanks to constant endeavour to search for innovation and improvement, to their reduced need for maintenance and the possibility to be used in Atex contexts, Varvel reducers have also been present in the Agriculture, Animal Rearing and Construction sector for over 20 years.

One very common application is the one used to manage the opening and closing of windows in glass houses and animal rearing plants to guarantee a correct air recycling.

An automatized management permits the replacement of manual actions, in situations where human intervention would be made difficult because of the structure of the buildings. The ideal product for this use is the two-stage worm gearboxes associated with a an end of cycle device.

This has the aim of controlling the range of action of the gear by means of a mini-switch which disactivates the electrical current thereby stopping the movement of the motor reducer when a pre-established position is reached and this enables the operator to set interval times which can be adapted for numerous requirements. It is also possible to fit a time switch in the electric panel of the application, so as to be able to program all the necessary operations at the most suitable times more easily.

The end of cycle device may be applied on a single worm gear with a minimum ratio of 1:5 up to a maximum ratio of 1:10.000 in the case of two combined worm gears.

Varvel makes available to its international clientele both worm gears with a configuration to allow mounting of the end of cycle device as well as the reducer where the end of cycle device is already installed. This is an optimum solution because it doesn’t produce any noise, any waste of energy, nor does it influence the performance of the reducer and the final application.


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