Never ending innovation

New catalogues for parallel shaft gearboxes series RN and bevel helical gearboxes series RO-RV, up to date and enriched with new details.

Varvel, Bologna-based company specialized in the design and production of gearboxes and speed variators operating in over 60 Countries worldwide, keeps bringing innovation in the mechanical industry.
After the launches of new products in 2015, the year of the sixtieth anniversary of the company’s foundation, in 2016 Varvel renews existing series, made ​​even more performing for an immediate response to the needs of the international market.

The well established series RO-RV of bevel helical gearboxes and RN of parallel shaft mounted gearboxes, have been updated and relaunched.

In order to boost these ranges, Varvel realized and published two new complete catalogues.

They have been developed on the basis of new tests and are enriched with a considerable number of new details and a great deal of technical information to describe in even greater depth the quality of these technological jewels.

These two catalogues, available in 6 languages, are more complete with a number of options available, keeping up with the significant upturn in the international panorama over the last two years.

“The international market is constantly evolving and consequently the industry’s demand of updating is growing year after year.

We think that the key for success is the ability to give quickly performing and useful solutions for customers’ needs.

“This is why we are always aiming at innovation on our range, even improving well established products, through research and technological updating” – state Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli, President and Managing Director of Varvel SpA.


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