New tools for the international market

Following the launch of new products and in order to improve its international presence Varvel SpA presents new catalogs aimed at foreign markets.

Varvel SpA, the Bologna-based engineering company founded in 1955 which specializes in power transmission systems, supplying products to over 60 countries worldwide, is consolidating the internationalization strategy it initiated two years ago.

With the aim of enhancing its presence in the international engineering scenario, Varvel is viewing the North American market with increasing interest and has produced new catalogs specifically conceived and designed for the USA in order to give impetus to its vigorous expansion policy.

The layout and graphic content ensure maximum ease of use for the target audience with the adoption of an American page format containing all information required for the North American market including, for example, imperial measurements to facilitate easy consultation.

This approach reflects the company’s desire to engage the North American market in order to present specific products as opposed to “adaptations” and to further ensure that the quality and customization which characterize Varvel’s business of exporting universally-recognized Made in Italy products of excellence is continued overseas.

The catalogs are available both online and in hard copy versions in order to enable our various partners to operate in the easiest and most direct way possible.

In addition to the new catalogs for the USA Varvel is also launching a new updated general catalog following the important widening of its range with the latest product developments thereby demonstrating the desire to simplify access to information about its product lines for the international public.

The new look reflects improved communication formulas adopted by the company and the updated general catalog has been produced in 12 languages in order to satisfy distributors and clients worldwide.

The new general catalog is also available online and in hard copy representing the company’s strong desire to demonstrate its wide range of products and the value of its operations to the international audience in one single document.

This is another tool that further reinforces the internationalization process in progress, in line with the long-term growth strategy according to which increased expansion of overseas markets on the basis of constant quality improvement is fundamental.


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