Practical learning for the future

The Varvel Group has confirmed its participation in “Opus facere”, a regional school-industry training project promoted by Italy’s Ministry for Education, Universities and Research as part of an innovative approach to learning.

The Varvel Group has announced new ties with the world of education in the form of support for the vocational training scheme entitled “Opus Facere – learning by doing”, announced last year and recently inaugurated by Opificio Golinelli in Bologna. This new, high-tech learning platform is designed to bring schools and industry together in order to develop new teaching methods based on the “learning by doing” principle. The project promotes practical learning through contact with people who use their knowledge and skills to solve problems in the real world, and not just theoretical problems.

With the active participation of its Research and Development department, the Varvel Group will organise a number of training activities for both teachers and students involving direct contact with projects run as part of the company’s daily operations. In particular, learning opportunities will revolve around the project to develop a ‘Smart Gearbox’capable of running without lubricant. This project has already won a European competition for small and medium enterprises under the Horizon 2020 technological innovation scheme, guaranteeing access to EU funds for further development.

The “Opus Facere” vocational training scheme involves eight high schools, two comprehensive schools and 35 private and public companies in the Bologna area. Workshops focus on the region’s most advanced and characteristic industries: robotics, ICT, nanotechnology, biotechnology, rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing.

The creation of a centre of excellence for the education of young people in the technical disciplines essential to the future of the regional, national and global economy is in line with the values of Varvel as a socially responsible company that has been supporting young people in education and employment for many years.

Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel, and Mauro Cominoli, the company’s General Manager, comment: “Opificio Golinelli is getting off to a great start with this innovative approach to learning. This project attaches great importance to the sharing of experience and to demonstrating theoretical notions through practical, real-life applications. We hope our contribution to it will give young people the sort of competence they can only really acquire through work. Practical skills make all the difference and allow challenges to be tackled in a more efficient, results-oriented way. Our participation is intended to offer young people a better chance to achieve their full potential when they start work in a few years time, thanks to practical skills that prepare them for the world of work.”


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