Protagonists on two occasions

Participation in two important conferences recently gave the Varvel Group excellent opportunities to highlight its role and values.

Not just a leading manufacturer of gearboxes, Varvel is also an enterprise capable of displaying excellence in corporate values. It was in this role that, in September, the Varvel Group took part in an important conference on the role of women in industry: “New directions in management: how women’s ideas are changing companies”. The event was held in San Lazzaro di Savena, near Bologna, and organised by the Diversity group of AIDP, the Italian Association for Personnel Management. This valuable discussion of company culture provided a useful opportunity to learn and debate the progress made by a more “feminine” style of management.

The assumption of responsibility, diffused autonomy, collaborative projects, relationships of mutual trust, the valorisation of hidden talents and the separation of time and money were among the many topics debated in an event that differed radically from the usual HR discussions of percentages of women employed in management. The Varvel Group has always had a progressive view of the role of women in management and is well aware of the many benefits their ideas and skills can bring. The group was therefore eager to present its experience to a packed audience of company managers. Varvel’s presentation showed how, though women have only recently joined the team, they have already created a new management model, more focused on the individual and on corporate targets, and have introduced a more effective way of doing business on a personal level. This approach has always been central to the Varvel Group, as those attending the conference were able to learn.

The next event the Varvel Group took part in was just as important. This was Polytrib 2016, the second international conference on polymer tribology, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 15 to 16 September. Varvel presented two papers. The first dealt with the optimisation of thermoplastic compounds for mechanical applications and the tribology of gear wheels. The second, more specific, described tests performed on satellite gears in planetary gearboxes. The conference provided a good opportunity to exchange ideas with the technical and scientific community specialising in polymers and to discuss the latest trends in industry. The appointment proved of particular interest to Varvel, who are currently engaged in the Smart Gearbox project, which uses thermoplastic materials developed by this new technology.


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