Ready to reprogram the value chain with production Made in Italy

The medical emergency has not stopped us. We have worked to improve our internal logistics and our products, getting ready to support our customers when they reopened for business.

Valsamoggia (BO), June 3, 2020 – In these months of medical emergency, we never stopped working. We pursued our activities in strict compliance with the regulations set by the Government and by the scientific community. The results thus confirmed the soundness of our provisions: none of our employees, who stood out for their generosity and commitment, was infected with Covid-19. So we have continued working, united in our purpose with the Unitary Trade-Union Representations, to abide by the commitments made.

Commitments which we shall have no trouble abiding by, since in the last few months we have had minimal procurement problems and were thus able to prepare for re-opening without any difficulty. While the Covid-19 emergency of the last few weeks highlighted the inadequacy and the fragility of the supply chains of many companies, here, at the Varvel Group, we were able to rely on local supply chains. The solidity of our value chain therefore makes us the ideal partner at a time when industrial activity is profoundly affected by the medical emergency in various countries. Recovery is expected to be far from easy for many firms: long procurement supply chains are currently still exposed to discontinuity. The extreme fragility of a long and distant supply chain, distinguished by close inter-dependent relations, little transparency and over-use of global sourcing will make it even more difficult to assess correctly the risks tied to each supply over the coming years. The impact of an individual link in the chain is enough to cause problems to the entire production chain, causing uncertainty in the procurement chain; and at a time when companies are already drained by the compulsory stoppage, a similar event could have devastating repercussions on production and profitability. Backed by local procurement and all-Italian production, here at the Varvel Group we can rely on a solid supply chain continuity which we have further strengthened, contributing towards making our supply chain even faster, more transparent and predictable. Our situation allows us to respond promptly and appropriately to market demands and to provide greater guarantees to our customers in Italy and across Europe.

The ability to supply our customers quickly is also due to the high modularity of Varvel gearboxes, which are the result of years of research and creativity that have always distinguished all that is made in Italy. Our modular system allows endless configurations albeit with a restricted number of components. Our entire range of products is built according to a principle of high modularity: let us for instance consider the parallel shaft and bevel-helical gearbox, each of which is made up of an input kit (motor cover and coupling), an intermediate kit (gear pair) and an output kit (casing, output shaft and gear train) to which accessory kits (like reaction arms, flanges, etc.) can be added. Within each size, kits can easily be selected to create different gearbox types (parallel shaft or bevel-helical), different reduction ratios and an impressive choice of outputs (shafts) and inputs (motor type and sizes). This high modularity is beneficial above all to the distribution network, who can maintain a superior standard of service and reduced costs thanks to the mass reduction of stock. This solution makes for an agile supply chain for our stakeholders too, with a huge financial and competitive advantage. This modularity is supplemented by VARsize, a selection software that allows easy sizing of products and makes the 3D designs immediately available. All our products can now be configured and assembled quickly and easily anywhere in the world.

Even at a complex time such as the current one, here at the Varvel Group we confirm our responsibility towards our employees and our customers, to whom we have continued to ensure the necessary procurements to enable the continuation of their production activities. Once again, therefore, Varvel made in Italy is confirmed as reliable and capable of making our stakeholders’ jobs easier thanks to an optimized supply chain.

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