Team reunited to look towards the future

After the sixtieth anniversary celebrations in 2015 and the first International Convention in May, it was time for Varvel’s National Convention, which involved two days of exchange between the company and its agents and distributors from all over Italy.

More than 50 people took part in Varvel’s first Convention National, which was held on the 23rd and 24th of June in Bologna. On this occasion, the company located in Crespellano (BO), specialized in the design, production and sale of power transmission systems in Italy and abroad, brought together its distributors and agents from all over Italy with the aim of strengthening bonds and sharing development strategies for the coming years.

Varvel’s staff participated in these two intense days with the precise purpose of focusing on all the strategic aspects together with the sales network as well talking about the operative plans devised to continue improving performance, defining together action methods and market approaches.

The Managing Director Mauro Cominoli opened the event at Varvel’s Headquarters by presenting the new organization chart, listing the important investments already made and those being planned for the company development and he also illustrated a four-year plan for growth for 2016-2019.

Francesco Pederzoli, the Marketing and Sales manager, gave an accurate presentation of the market situation, focusing on the importance of the Community and service levels, and he outlined the strategies conceived for the sales force and the relationship with distributors.

The participant were able to learn more about the company’s commitment to innovation thanks to the explanations given by Giampaolo Giacomozzi, the Research and Development manager, who provided an update on Varvel’s participation in the European Framework Program, Horizon 2020 and he disclosed the research plans for further improvement of Varvel’s products.

Mauro Cossarini and Fabio Zampa, who are in charge of the pre and post sales department, had the opportunity to describe in detail the daily commitment of assistance offered to clients and they presented recent technical news, including the RO2 series, which was presented last year at Hannover Messe Trade Fair, the improvements made to the RN-RO-RV series, the SLA gaskets, which were also presented in 2015, and the innovative square flanges.

Marco Mulè, Quality, Environment and Safety manager, spoke of the Varvel’s commitment to the optimum management of the work environment, in total compliance with the highest international standards concerning health, safety and the respect for the environment.

Paolo Coletta, the logistics and supply chain manager, presented recently implemented innovations as well as the upcoming initiatives to improve the company logistics processes.

To conclude Varvel’s 1st National Convetion, after a guided visit of the Crespellano headquarters, the Top Management gave a participation plaque to all those attending, as a record of the two intense days of work marked by exchange and union of the whole Group.

“Starting from this year we have decided to meet with our stakeholders more frequently – affirms Francesco Berselli President of Varvel SpAbecause we are aware of the importance of sharing our values and our aims with the whole team, which we see as fundamental to the growth and development of our enterprise”

Through the 1st National Convention, and, in early May, the 1st International Convention, we wanted to involve our entire Community in drawing up the strategies for the coming years – comments Mauro Cominoli, Managing Director of Varvel SpAprecisely to demonstrate that only a great team, united in its intentions and in the search for improvement, is able to rise to the great challenges thrown up by the National and International market.”


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