The 2016 Sustainability Report

The official report on the Varvel Group’s activities over the last year has been published to share results with stakeholders.

In 2017 as every year, the Varvel Group has published its Sustainability Report detailing activities for the previous twelve months.

Things change year after year in a dynamic enterprise like Varvel, but two things that never change are the attention paid to human resources and the conviction that results achieved in 2016 must be shared.

The 2016 Sustainability Report describes all the activities in which Varvel has been involved over the 12-month period in question. The report details investments made and results achieved, in a logic of complete transparency and openness. Stakeholders are therefore made aware of and enabled to evaluate the results of company activities, the impact of management choices, and the effects of current policies. Social responsibility, innovation, investments in the latest technology and in the development of human resources, and continuous progress towards internationalization and growth on new markets: these are the guidelines behind Varvel’s operations every year, and 2016 is no exception.

The Sustainability Report is also an important tool for consolidating the values and objectives shared by everybody in Varvel’s international community: it provides information on initiatives in support of local, national and international organisations, the development of human resources, and continuous improvement in manufacturing. The report naturally also contains the economic and financial data needed to quantify team effort and results in Italy and in the 60-plus countries the Varvel Group serves as a result of constant internationalization.

2016 was a year of both commitment and satisfaction. Major structural work was carried out to expand the operations and logistic areas; new materials were developed for the US market; progress was made on the Smart Gearbox project; local websites were published; and new direct communication tools were introduced to target the international market.

The 2016 Sustainability Report also features a new, square format with a high visual impact. Graphics have been completely revised and topics are also presented in a new order, conforming to GBS 2013 (Gruppo di studio per il Bilancio Sociale – the Company Report Study Group), one of the most common standards for this type of document.


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