The Varvel Group rewards passion as the driving force that propels young people towards a prosperous future

A grant for the most deserving student in the masters course in Racing Motorcycle Engineering organized by Professional Datagest. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s talents.

Valsamoggia (BO), 14 June 2019 – Commitment, competence and excellent performance are some of the key characteristics of the Varvel Group, the Bologna-based company that has been designing, manufacturing and supplying industrial gearboxes since 1955. The socially responsible Varvel Group has always invested in young people. For a number of years now, the group has also supported projects promoting collaboration between centers of scientific learning and the manufacturing sector. As part of this commitment, this year again, Varvel is rewarding the best performing student in the masters degree course in Racing Motorcycle Engineering organized by the Bologna-based Professional Datagest higher education organization.

This partnership dates back to 2012, when Varvel helped finance two students from towns in Emilia affected by the earthquake of that year. This year, Varvel has made a tangible contribution to the seventh edition of the course, rewarding Marco Radaelli, the student who has demonstrated the greatest talent and passion, commitment and determination. Marco has excelled over intense months of theory and practice sessions, exams and tests to finish in pole position ahead of his colleagues in the masters course.

“Life is a challenge, and the real race is yet to begin,”commented Mauro Cominoli, the Varvel Group’s General Manager, “but Marco has certainly shown a determination to be first across the finishing line and we are delighted to help him continue his race.We see it as our duty to support tomorrow’s professionals and help them achieve their ambitions. Passion is the driving force behind the creation of a prosperous future. Education and training are essential if we are to produce new talents and develop qualified human resources with the potential to succeed. Young people are our most important asset in building a better future. They need our support and encouragement if we are to develop motivated human resources able to achieve growth for our company and for the whole system.”

The masters course is delivered by experts from “Motor Valley”, an area so called for its high concentration of excellent mechanical engineering companies. It is aimed at graduates and undergraduates in mechanical, electronic and aerospace engineering interested in acquiring the specialist technical competences needed to design and construct racing motorcycles. The course covers dynamics, electronics, track-side data analysis and racing team managementand offers over 300 hours of lessons by experts from motor racing teams and constructors plus in-company and track-side practical training sessions.

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