The Varvel Group rewards talent: a study grant is awarded to the top student on the Master’s course in Racing Motorcycle Engineering

Always looking to the new generations, Varvel Group has made a financial contribution to the most deserving participant on the Racing Motorcycle Engineering Master’s program organized by higher education providers Professional Datagest.

Valsamoggia (BO), 25 June 2020 – On Saturday June 13, the Varvel Group celebrated the commitment and talent of the top student on the Racing Motorcycle Engineering Master’s course organized by higher education providers Professional Datagest with a special prize-giving. The €1000 prize went to engineer Matteo Bartolo who stood out during the ninth edition of the Master’s course.

Experience, innovation and outstanding performance are the key values that have allowed us to remain at the forefront of mechanical gear reducer design and production since 1955. With the same attention to detail that we give our creations, Varvel Group also looks to the communities of which we are part, our socially responsible vision meaning that we keep a very close eye on the young generations. Our support of projects that encourage collaboration between scientific poles and the production industry is proof of this. These projects include a partnership, born in 2012, with the Racing Motorcycle Engineering Master’s course organized by higher education providers Professional Datagest.

“We are once again very proud to reward a promising youngster. Matteo has shown determination and application – commented Mauro Cominoli, General Manager at Varvel Group But the milestones that await him are not easy to reach and we at Varvel want to give him headway so that he can get to his destination more quickly. Offering opportunities to the professionals of tomorrow and contributing to the development of their talent will benefit us all. If we support the training base of the industrial sector, the fruits it will bear will be more generous and our area will benefit. The region’s skills are a common asset after all, primary energy with which to build the future, give new lifeblood to companies and support the production system.”

The Racing Motorcycle Engineering Master’s program, aimed at young graduates of mechanical, electronic and aerospace engineering, aims to train Bike Motorsport specialists so that they can design racing motorcycles and coordinate their development and performance on track. The training pathway provides complete preparation regarding all aspects of racing motorcycle design and development, taking in the engine, chassis and electronics. The Master’s program is based around an active teaching method that encourages constant interaction between the participants and lecturers. The theoretical lessons are combined with courses that focus on the use of practical tools such as software for CAD design and for the acquisition and analysis of data at the racetrack. The training pathway concludes with a day at the racetrack, during which participants can put their theoretical knowledge into practice and experience the thrill of working in the pits during a Grand Prix.

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