The Varvel Group’s plans for the Middle East

Varvel’s push to internationalize shows no signs of letting up, with the company expressing ever greater interest in Iran, a market of vast and yet unexplored potential.

The Varvel Group, historical specialists in the design, production and sale of Italian-made power transmission systems, has long been internationalizing its operations and promoting its top quality solutions on markets around the world. Since 1955, when the company was formed, Varvel has built up an extensive global network that guarantees the brand a presence in over 60 countries.

The case of Iran is emblematic as the country’s precision engineering market has great strategic value and potential. Thanks to support provided by the local distribution network, over these last two years in particular, the group has made great progress in brand awareness by demonstrating the quality and versatility of its range to machine producers mainly in the poultry farming and ceramic sectors.

To consolidate its presence, in recent months Varvel has taken part in two of the most important exhibitions for Iranian industry. The first was CeramTech, an international exhibition for ceramic production technology held in Isfahan from 6 to 9 September. Varvel achieved excellent results at the event despite this being the first time for the company to exhibit there. Next came IInEX, the International Industry Exhibition, dedicated to metal working machinery and material movement systems, held in Tehran from 6 to 9 October. This was the second year for Varvel to exhibit at the event, and the number of visitors to the stand rose significantly, confirming the interest of the local public.

Varvel’s thorough understanding of Iran’s industrial needs and the interest shown by local machine manufacturers have encouraged the group to develop sales to Iran not only in the ceramic and poultry sectors mentioned above, but in metal working, food & beverage and packaging systems too. After all, these are areas of specialization in which Varvel’s internationally tried and tested high-tech solutions are ideal for satisfying the needs of a rapidly growing market like Iran.

Francesco Berselli, President of the Varvel Group and the driving force behind its process of internationalization explains: “Varvel has always been known for top quality products, all over the world, and we can exploit this strength to grow without limits.

We are determined to expand our operations in rapidly developing areas, and to consolidate our presence in countries like Iran in order to represent Italian mechanical engineering excellence all over Asia.” “We are well aware that this geographic region has great potential for growth, and thanks to the extremely positive response of local machine producers, we are confident we can succeed in exploiting it,” comments Mauro Cominoli, Varvel’s General Manager. 


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