VARnext: innovation from Varvel

A new section of the Varvel website for communicating and sharing information about the group’s most innovative projects.

Commitment to innovation and progress has been a characteristic of Varvel ever since the company began in Bologna in 1955. Specialists in the design, development and production of gearboxes, Varvel now has a presence in over 60 countries around the world.

In over sixty years of activity, the Varvel Group has never stopped improving its products and services and has always remained committed to the development of innovative technical solutions to satisfy the main needs of the market.

This forward-looking approach to business is evident in VARnext (, a new section of the Varvel website dedicated to the innovative projects run by the group’s own Research and Development Department, autonomously and in collaboration with excellent partners in industry and the academic world.

The very name “VARnext” highlights the group’s propensity for looking to the future and drawing on its vast experience to evolve in the face of a changing world.

Visitors to the new section will find a description of the main projects currently being run by Varvel R&D and will also be able to contact the various project leaders through a dedicated e-mail address:

Smart Gearbox ( is the first topic dealt with in the VARnext section. This innovative project is being run by the Varvel Group under the Horizon 2020 European Framework Programme and aims to develop to develop a new range of worm gearboxes that can operate safely and without regular servicing in applications that demand maximum protection against contamination by lubricant leaks. The Varvel website also contains a number of video presentations and interviews with members of the project team to provide a complete overview of progress so far and future steps.

“Looking to the future is the only way of giving impetus to growth,” explain Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli, respectively President and General Manager of the Varvel Group. “That is why we believe so strongly in investing major resources in the development of new ideas and new technical solutions capable of revolutionizing the gearbox sector. We see this as the only way to turn the challenges of a changing market into opportunities.”


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