Varvel gives space to new resources

The well-established Bolognese company figures among the companies receiving an award from “The Republic of Interns”, the key online publication for young people seeking to enter the world of work.

The prestigious Palazzo Isimbardi was the setting for a ceremony to present the 2016 AwaRDS to companies who had implemented merit-worthy policies for the benefit of young people seeking to enter the working world. These awards were presented on the 30th of May by Eleonora Voltolina, the Director of the online publication “The Republic of Interns”.

Varvel SpA is a historic, socially-responsible Bolognese company, specialized in the production of reducers and mechanical speed variators, which has stood out for years for its commitment to the training of young people and their integration within the company and it was among the 14 companies to be singled out for an award.

The company received the “special SME” prize, for its merit in having adopted policies to benefit new resources for a long time. In fact, for a number of years, the Emilian based company which operates worldwide, has been committed to offering 2 or 3 internships each year, maintaining a recruitment percentage of around 60% and offering reimbursement of expenses of between 800 and 1.200 Euros per month, destined for school leavers, undergraduates or post-graduates, but also making a contribution of 400 Euros to students in higher education.

The attention to young workers and interns, as demonstrated by Varvel, led to the fact that, since 2009, it has been given the “Ok Intern badge”, a recognition that the “Republic of Interns” awards to companies that promote internships respecting the “Charter of Interns’ Rights”. This attention to young people is also demonstrated by the significant number of apprentices present in the company, who are involved in both specialized internal and external transversal training.

This is an example of virtuous behaviour that Varvel constantly adopts through a series of initiatives with training institutes and organizations, research centres and professional schools, ranging from the offer of study grants to deserving students to support given to the magazine entitled The Italian Universities Newspaper. The collaboration with the Aldini Valeriani Foundation is of great importance because of the first fourth year training course in Professional Education and Training in Italy, where Varvel carries out the role of reference for internships and a presence on the technical-scientific committee.

This recognition is a source of great pride for the company – affirm Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli, President and Managing Director of Varvel SpAas we believe that young people constitute a huge resource for the manufacturing fabric of the nation. For this reason we are willing to invest in them, not only in economic terms, but also at a human level, seeking to contribute to the inclusion of the talents of the future in the world of work”.


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