RN Series

Parallel shaft gearboxes

The RN Series of parallel shaft gearboxes are characterized by a high efficiency and a considerable flexibility of use guaranteed by their modular design.

Main Information

MAX POWER (1400 rpm / 1800 rpm)60.1 kW / 80.6 HP
REDUCTION RATIOSfrom 6.3:1 to 710:1
MAX OUTPUT TORQUE3400 Nm / 30090 in-lb

Additional Information

  • Input and output oil seals in NBR
  • Housing and covers in die cast aluminium (till size 3) and grey cast iron (sizes 4, 5 and 6)
  • Bearings with ball or conical roller
  • Input flanges in die cast aluminium
  • Motor flexible coupling
  • Gears in cemented and hardened alloy steel
  • Synthetic oil for lifetime lubrication of the gears
  • RCA oil seal in NBR
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance and management costs
  • Modular concept
  • Extended lifetime with excellent reliability
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Silent running

For Application Sectors

  • Silicone, Viton or special seals for high/low temperatures and food & beverage sector
  • Anodization for chemical and ship-building/marine sectors
  • Special lubricants for high/low temperatures and food & beverage sector
  • Non-standard breather plugs for high/low temperatures
  • Special paint finishes for chemical, ship-building/marine and food & beverage sector
  • ATEX version for potentially explosive environments

For NEMA and servo motors

  • Flanges and couplings for servomotors
  • Output holes in inches
  • Input couplings for NEMA motors
  • Output shafts (simple AS, double AD, hollow with shrink disk ACC and splined hollow ACS)
  • Oil seals (F and S)
  • Anti-vibration (BTA)
  • Torque arms (standard BT, specific BTF and Vulkollan BTV)
  • Safety shield (ASC)
  • Output bearings (not standard CS)
  • Motor flanges (FM)
  • Output flanges (A and F)
  • Coupling (G)
Related Products
Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.

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