VARVEL was formed on the 24th February with the objective of producing speed variators (VARiatori di VELocità in Italian).
A range of gearmotors and gearboxes for low to medium power, fixed applications was introduced to complement our range of variators.
The 1970s and 1980s
Our local manufacturing group came into being with the arrival of OCI s.r.l.
The process of internationalization began
The 1990s
The RS Series of worm gearboxes was launched
The FRP71 gearbox was introduced
Varvel's Quality Management System was certified to EN ISO 9001
The RT Series of worm gearboxes was launched
The innovative motor flange kit with no seal ring was introduced
Varvel's Environmental Management System was certified to EN ISO 14001
The new RS Series with separate motor flange and no seal ring was launched
ATEX certification was obtained for most products
The RD Series of in-line helical gearboxes was launched
The innovative flexible coupling integrated in the input was introduced
The local manufacturing group was completed with the addition of IMAS and Benincasa Meccanica
The RG Series of low backlash planetary gearboxes was launched
The RN Series of parallel shaft gearboxes was launched
The RO and RV Series of bevel helical gearboxes were launched
MGM-Varvel Power Transmission was formed in Chennai, India (Tamil Nadu)
Varvel reduced its impact on the environment by installing a photovoltaic system to produce electrical energy
The FRP90 gearbox for animal feed systems was launched
The ISM-BSM modules were launched, offering new opportunities for customization
Varvel celebrated its 60th anniversary
Varvel's Occupational Health and Safety Management System was certified to BS OHSAS 18001
The new size 50 worm gearbox was added to the RS Series
The R02 two-stage bevel helical gearbox was launched
Under the Horizon 2020 programme, Varvel began work on the “Smart Gearbox” project to develop a new range of worm gearboxes.
The FRP680 gearbox for animal feed systems was launched
Varvel's North American subsidiary, Varvel USA, was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia
Our local manufacturing group changed its name to Mechnology: a unique identity for the companies of the Varvel Group
Know-how to do it: Varvel renewed its corporate image without compromising brand recognition.